Vienna is my favourite RSS reader. It gets tedious going through my frequently visited websites looking for new articles. Vienna brings them all in one place.

AppCleaner is used for those time that I need to uninstal an app and get rid of all the files that are associated with it. It's as easy as a drag and drop!

EverWeb is one of the easiest ways to design a website without having any coding skills! I created this website with it :)

Slack needs to description. It's what keeps everyone connected to their team. Everywhere. If you're not using slack yet, start using it :D

HandBrake is perfect for compressing your videos without losing too much quality. Specially if you're uploading to Vimoe and need to keep the sizes low and quality high!

Final Cut Pro X is and intuitive video editting software with many tricks up its sleeve. With an easy to understand timeline it's perfect for quick edits before sharing them.

Zeitrfaffer does one thing and it does it very well. It runs a series of images into a movie! Perfect for turning all the exports from C4D into a movie to edit or share!

Greyscalegorilla's plug-ins for Cinema4D such as Light Kit Pro, HDRI Studio Rig, and X-Particles make the job of MoGraph designers so much easier!

Arnold renderer for Cinema 4D is one of the fastest and most powerful ray-tracing rendered out there used by many movie studios including hollywood!

Cinema 4D has become the only tool I use for creating motion graphics. Its intuitive interface combined with how powerful it is, simply makes it the best mograph tool!

Balsamiq is the perfect tool for creating quick mockups at early stages of the UX development. Creating many protypes and iterating rapidly is what I use it for.

Procreate is like photoshop on the iPad, but when you add an Apple Pencil it create the perfect sketching tool! Maybe even better than pen and paper!

MindNode. One of the few tools I use during the UX stage. It's mostly pen and paper, sticky notes and white boards. But for creating quick mindmaps this tool is the best!

Photoshop. Do I need to explain what it does or what I use it for? I'll let you figure that out :)

ImageOptim is a tool I use to compress the PNG assets exports without losing any quality. It has saved me so many megabytes of assets! And it's free!

PaintCode is perfect for the times that you give up explaining to the developers how a complicated design should work and you end up making it yourself.

Principle is by far the best tool to design high-fidelity micro-interaction with lots of animations in them.

inVISION is the fastest way to create interactive mockups. the ability to shrae the work with a URL makes it very easy to share with clients.

Flinto is my favourite tool to create interactive high-res mockups. It has many options to create custom animation that fit all my needs. It has great integration with Sketch!

CRAFT is an essential Sketch plugin for all UI designers. It has saved me so much time that I keep wondering why it's free!

Zeplin is my go to app for sending over design files to developers. It just makes the work so much easier! Making all the dimensions available for the developer easily.

Sketch is by far the most important app I use. Designing high-res mockups for mobile and tablet apps, web-apps, and this very website.

Here is a list of stwares I use for work, personal projects, and for fun to make my life easier:


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